Visual Historical Records – sources of historical maps, aerial photography, lidar and other images.

Informed and inspired by a talk at the Herne Bay Historical Records Society, I came across the following sources of visual records.

Aerial Photography

Historic England – Aerial Photograph Explorer

Other Historic England Highlights

Around England by Bicycle: the C G Harper Collection
Archive of Photographs
and many more. This is an Aladdin’s Cave.

Archaeological Information

ARCHI UK – UK Archaeological Sites, LiDAR & Old Maps
much is behind a subscription wall. Note that, LiDAR is publicly available for download from the Environment Agency and can be displayed in GIS systems like QGIS. I will write a separate note on this.

Old Maps

David Rumsey Map Collection – historical maps, Stanford Libraries

National Library of Scotland – map collection. This is a useful archive of maps covering the whole of the UK.


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