Reculver Towers, C G Harper drawing then and now study.

View of Reculver Towers from the approach on Reculver Lane drawn by C G Harper in early 20th century

and as it looks in 2024

The approach to Reculver towers in 2024. Jim Dickson

Reculver Towers from the east

as it looks in 2024

Reculver Towers from the east. Jim Dickson.

Reculver Towers, close up from the west

A photograph, dated 1890-1910, roughly contemporary with Harper’s tour.

A photograph, dated 1865-1895, shows at least one member of the coastguard with telescope. This was probably taken 20 years, or so, before Harper’s tour.

as it looks in 2024

Reculver Towers from the west. Jim Dickson.

Notes on changes.

The OS 1900s map shows a Coast Guard station at this location. This included buildings and a flagpole, these no longer exist.

OS 1900s map of Reculver
Coastguard mast footings. Jim Dickson.

There is little trace of the coastguard station buildings. Just the location of the footings for the flag poles.

What was once a fairly isolated spot, next to the Wantsum Marshes and on the coast has now become a place to visit with a park of retirement homes.

Google satellite view of Reculver.

A close-up of the field to the southeast of the tower shows the site of a former static caravan site. The toilet and shower blogs still seem to exist. The caravans have been cleared, but their presence has left its mark on the grass.

Close-up of a former static caravan park, Google satellite.


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